Financial Help It’s Not Only in the Library

help for consumers in financial distress is not only in the library

The days of the library being a quiet sanctuary only for book lovers are over.  Nowadays, your local public library is modern and up to date. It offers many more services to consumers that can enhance your daily life – including those who are in financial distress.  And it is almost entirely free!  Even learning how to negotiate your credit card debt and entering the debt settlement process may be accomplished there.


Libraries are a great place to go if you are looking for a job.  As a result of, you can use their computers to search for jobs on the internet, compose your resume, write cover letters and then apply for the job right online.  With free email accounts available from many internet providers like Yahoo and Google – no one will know that you had to discontinue your high speed Internet service at home due to cutting back on expenses. So, this keeps you “in the game” and on an even playing field with other applicants.library-922998_1280

Also, using the library’s computers regularly helps keep you up to date with the latest software updates. Web-base software like Ms-office, SettleiTsoft® and other widely used computer applications keep updating their applications constantly.  Again, this is very helpful in today’s job market.

Applying for a job that requires you to know a particular computer application you are unfamiliar with, or maybe just a bit rusty on?  The library can help there, too.

Again, by using their computers, you can go online to search for the tutorial for many computer applications.  Then, just sit down and run through the tutorial to gain a solid grasp on that computer application.  Some libraries also offer computer classes on basic software and computer use.  Needless to say, there are numerous free services available on the Web.


If you need information about anything financially-related, a great place to visit is the Knowledge Base on the SettleiTsoft website.  There are dozens and dozens of brief and specially-produced videos covering diverse subjects. They range from the Top 10 Credit Card Tips and Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft to Understanding Payday Loans and Wedding Planning.

SettleiTsoft offers an excellent Web Solution tool, which may be accessed via  This intuitive, user-friendly financial software platform contain powerful budget management tools. Hence, it creates a virtual environment for debtors and creditors to electronically negotiate and resolve the consumer’s debt crisis.  Most importantly, the settlement process is totally in the consumer’s control and can be customized to suit an individual’s personal financial situation.

Need to print something from the Internet?  Or, maybe you need some hard copies of your resume.  Let the library come to your rescue once again with printers – usually they have both color and black & white for a very small cost per page.

Perhaps you need to fax a document.  If you are fortunate enough to find that your local library has a scanner, you can use it as a fax to send your document free of charge.  A great money saving idea!


If you are like most American’s in financial distress, you had to cut back on your entertainment budget.  Therefore, the library can be your salvation here as well, offering many popular feature films (and some obscure ones) on DVD and tape for you to check out and enjoy at home.  That’s right!  Free “family movie night”!  How can you go wrong with that money saving tip?

Libraries even have a wide selection of many genres of music on CDs you can check out any time you like.

Of course, the library still loans books.  In fact, did you know you can borrow any book in any library in the U.S.A. right there at your own local library?  It’s true.  Libraries will search to find whatever book you are looking for, and have it delivered to your local library just for you.  As long as it exists in the library system, it is obtainable.   Again, free of charge.

Today’s modern libraries can really help families in this troubled economy by providing many much needed services, while saving you and your family some cash.  So, go visit your local library.  There’s a whole world of information and entertainment resources waiting there for you.

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