Is Extreme Couponing Too Extreme?


Extreme couponing may be more than you bargained for.

While being able to expand one’s budget is certainly important, many professionals are divided on the issue of extreme couponing.  Some say it takes hours and hours of dedication, while others believe that a few hours are all that people really need if they want all those deals.

Obviously there is no denying that a grocery bill, which should have totaled over $500 ends up only totaling $100 is an amazing deal, some experts wonder if all of the items bought are really necessary.

Can You Really Use All This Stuff?

Some of the extreme couponing people are thrilled with their savings and have had to make large additions to account for all the extra food and products they now have.  So it begs the question, do they have more stuff than they will really ever use?  The great thing about coupons is that you can get products you need and use at a cheaper price.  However, when buying things in excess, it might be necessary to stop and ask if the item is going to be used or will go to waste.  So with all the large quantities of products, it makes one wonder if they are wasting or just really prepared for any situation.

ScissorsThere have been some people who criticize extreme couponing because they feel it takes away products from others.  One woman said she coordinated with her local grocery store to order her products before she shopped, so the store wouldn’t run out of stock.  Some extreme couponing people balance the sometimes overabundance of products by donating some of the items they buy.

The other concern with buying large quantities of foods on sale is that most often these products are not the most nutritional.  There are many deals on chips, cookies, frozen foods and much more, but it is usually more difficult to find inexpensive fruits and vegetables.

Whatever Happened to Everything in Moderation?

Experts say taking a little bit of time to find deals can save money long term.  So you don’t need to scour for coupons for hours and find every newspaper in a five mile radius to get some great deals.  In fact, many people that are invested in extreme couponing get a true satisfaction from the work and outcome of clipping coupons.  This quality is not something everyone has; therefore, most people will not be able to give this abundance of attention to finding deals for everything they buy.

Uh Oh…Here Comes Technology…Big Surprise Eh?!

Laptop-PhoneWhile coupon clipping will probably be with us as long as print media exists, today’s communication technologies have dramatically altered the coupon industry forever with the advent of Digital Couponing.  The ability to deliver coupons directly to consumers through myriad distribution channels – such as the Internet, text messaging and other mobile platforms – that drive customers into stores is extraordinarily powerful; particularly when reaching predisposed consumers.

An added bonus to this electronic process is the resulting data and analytics which marketers utilize to learn more about their customers; enabling the employment of methodologies that help future campaigns to be successful.

Just remember it’s called extreme couponing for a reason.  Extreme means that it is something more than the ordinary, and therefore is highlighted for its unusual qualities.  While many people may not enjoy extreme couponing, there are definitely helpful hints and tips that can be learned through these select individuals that can help anyone both stretch the household budget and save money.  Do an Internet search for Extreme Couponing and you’ll see what we mean.

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