What to Do When a Paid Off Debt Keeps Coming Back to Haunt You

Haunted House

You rememFP Dollar Signber how great it felt that day a couple of years ago when you finally paid off that huge credit card debt.  But today the wolves are back at your door looking to collect that same paid off debt.  If it’s truly a “clerical error”, the contact efforts should stop.  But if the calls keep on coming no matter what you say, this could be the first sign of a scam — someone fraudulently trying to collect a debt mistakenly believed to still be owed.

Consider these Steps to Remedy the Situation

  1. Dispute the debt, in writing, asking the collection agency to prove the debt is legitimate.  Under the Fair Debt Collections Act, the agency has 30 days to do so.  If the agency cannot provide such proof, the calls should stop.
  2. If the agency does provide what it believes to be validation of the debt, then you may need to send written proof that documents all the settlement particulars (e.g. recipient, amount, date).  If that doesn’t put a stop it, move on to the next step.
  3. Enroll in SettleiTsoft, the debt negotiation software platform — don’t worry it’s free.  Enter collector’s  contact information, instruct the system generate a Cease & Desist Letter customized for this collector, print the letter and forward to the collector via certified mail/return receipt requested.  {Note:  For additional file safety, you should utilize the cloud storage capability of the Documents Section to store the written proof of having paid off the debt and any communications with this “new collector”.
  4. If the new debt collector continues to hound you, then it’s time to gather all the documentation that you stored in the SettleiTsoft Documents cloud — proof of the paid off debt and all written communication with the new collector including Cease & Desist Letter with copy of signed mail receipt — and file a formal complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  This U.S. government agency will investigate the complaint and look to resolve the issue.

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