Stop Collection Calls & Settle Unpaid Debts for FREE!

SettleiTsoft helps stop debt collection calls

Stop debt collection calls the smart way

SettleiTsoft® facilitates the digital communication between debtors and their creditors in a secure virtual environment.  Debtors may stop the widespread problem of continuous harassment of debtors by creditors’ predatory collection practices.

If you have debt in collection and been victimized by collection phone calls at all hours, at your workplace, or other harassment – fear not – you are not alone.

Tcfpb3he latest survey from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) revealed that millions of consumers in financial distress are constantly harassed by debt collectors.  SettleiTsoft can help you put a stop to this problem – for free.

First and Foremost – The Law Is On Your Side

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debtors have the right to request in what manner and when creditors may contact them.

By utilizing the SettleiTsoft platform, debtors are establishing this electronic method of communications as their preferred manner of negotiation. Therefore, it should stop collection calls from creditors and allow the debt obligation to be amicably resolved.

How It Works

SettleiTsoft encapsulates all aspects of the debt negotiation process in a seamless digital environment. Debtors and creditors can accept, reject, or make counter-offers to the settlement proposals for any type of delinquent debt.  The system contains helpful How-To videos and written instructions for assistance throughout the process and it’s protected by an extremely high level of multiple security layers.

debt-compressorStarting the settlement process is easy.  First, sign up at  Second, add your creditors information.  And third, start debt negotiations by sending settlement proposals to your creditors.

The system conveniently generates cease and desist letters upon the subscriber’s request and automatically cloud stores all documents related to the settlement process.  The user may also upload any other document to be stored in the system.

Powerful financial management tools are at the subscriber’s fingertips to provide budgeting, planning, and other support.

In addition, SettleiTsoft provides notifications for important events – such as the receipt of a reply to a settlement offer, reminders for bill due dates, account deposits, birthdays, and so on.

Why It Works

Accessed via, this is a real, free debt negotiation program in which the settlement amount, time frame, monthly dollar amount to deposit into a dedicated settlement savings account, and all other aspects of this digital settlement process are totally in the consumer’s control.


  • Helps Subscribers Combat Predatory Collection Practices
  • Validates the Collection Company to Avoid Debt Collectors Scams (Does it actually own your account?)
  • Is Always in the User’s Control
  • Secures and Encrypts All Data for Audit Trail and Legal Procedures
  • 24/7 Debt Negotiation, Real Time Chat, and Notifications
  • Intuitive and User Friendly Assistance

If you’re ready to re-take control of your financial life, SettleiTsoft is ready to help you make it possible.

Download the phone application and Sign Up for your FREE subscription account Now!

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