Free Financial Tools May Change Your Life


SettleiTsoft® can help you put your financial house in order and in the process, allow you to achieve your dreams and desires.  Whether you need to negotiate your debt or just manage your finances, here’s a bit of insight as to how this free intuitive online software could change your life.

budgetBudget-iTsoft is one of the System Platform’s most critical sections in terms of entry, access to, and display of your financial data.  To best utilize the System’s calculating, analytical, and intuitive power, you should provide as much information as possible.

With that in mind, Income and Expenses represent the first two essential parts of the equation.  Entering the most comprehensive data you can is imperative.

The same is true for entry of Credit Card information, especially if you plan to use the System’s powerful debt settlement software; specifically designed to enable you to get out of debt yourself, with no assistance from anyone, unless you ask for it.

Assets and Liabilities also use simple forms that allow you to easily input the information required for the System to develop a thorough understanding of your financial situation and approximate your net worth.

Budget GraphsView-iTsoft provides a quick reference display based on the budget information entered by the subscriber; featuring easy to read numeric columns and colorful graphs.

These powerful tools are an integral part of the SettleiTsoft System Platform, which can assist you in so many ways that you may wonder how you got along without it.  Remember it’s never too late to make your future better and your dreams come true.  Check it out today at

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