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SettleiTsoft could Help Stop those Predatory Collection Practices

The Internal Revenue Service has hired private debt collection companies to go after overdue payments from millions of people who owe about $138 billion to the federal government, something the IRS has done itself for decades.

This action has consumer watchdogs fearful that some of the nation’s most vulnerable taxpayers will be harassed and that criminals will take advantage of the system by phoning people and impersonating IRS collectors.

Pattern of Consumer Abuse is Clear

Chi Chi Wu, a staff attorney with the National Consumer Law Center, told NBC News, “There are so many reasons why it’s a bad idea that the IRS has been forced to use private debt collectors…All too often, consumers are being mistreated by debt collectors and now taxpayers are at risk of that in the collection of tax debt.”Tax Evasion

Nina E. Olson, IRS Consumer Advocate, told Congress that “in years past, the outside collectors employed by the government used psychological tricks that may have coerced some debtors into payments they could not afford.”

As evidence that supports these fears of abundant predatory collection activities becomes clear, the recent Beta Release of SettleiTsoft, the free debt negotiation software could not have been timelier.

“The validation power of the software is one of its critical components,” said Rich Rudner, Settleitsoft Inc. CCO, “because it allows the consumer to determine that creditor has the proper credentials and is thereby authorized to collect on the account.”

How SettleiTsoft Can Make a Difference

The SettleiTsoft web-based and mobile accessible platform offers 24/7 assistance to debtors and creditors as a bridge to facilitate and streamline the debt negotiation process. This intuitive software is designed to replace the traditional methods of debt settlements with an intuitive, interactive, transparent and secure online debt settlement process that gives consumers complete control of negotiations as to the terms of their debt settlements and creditor payment agreements.

Both the IRS and the debt collectors say they will be mindful of taxpayers’ rights.  One of the companies, Pioneer Credit Recovery, will “comply with debt collection rules and consumer protections,” the company said in a statement posted on its website.  If so, consumers who invite private debt collectors to communicate and negotiate with them through the SettleiTsoft platform, should find ready acceptance by these companies.

In fact, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (P.L. 95-109) – which the private debt collectors are required to obey– debtors have the right to request in what manner and when creditors may contact them; thus avoiding predatory collection practices.

Start settling your credit card debt for FREE with SettleiTsoftBy utilizing the SettleiTsoft platform, debtors are establishing this electronic method of communications as their preferred manner of negotiation, which should then stop collection calls from creditors and allow the unpaid tax obligation to be amicably resolved.

It is important to note that the private collectors will work on commission, earning as much as 25 percent of the delinquent debt they collect.  So they are motivated to collect as much as they can – and if consumer watchdogs’ fears prove true – any way they can.

The potential nightmare for consumers has already begun.  The IRS started giving the private debt collectors cases this month.  Fortunately, SettleiTsoft stands ready to come to the consumers’ rescue.

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