It Is Possible to Save Even If You’re Paying Off Debt


Many people wonder if they should put money into savings or pay off their existing debt.  With consumer debt in the U.S. now topping $3 Trillion, it might seem impossible for debtors to save money while simultaneously paying off their debt.  In actual fact, it can be done.

Some consumers seek an additional loan, consolidation and equity loans are examples, to resolve their debt crisis.  Unfortunately, this often results in an even further downward spiral of debt.

So, can you pay off your debt and save funds at the same time?  SettleiTsoft can help you make it happen from the convenience of your smartphone or any Internet-connected device.  This Free debt negotiation software platform provides a variety of services – from its powerful financial management tools that will help you develop a livable budget; to its debt settlement capabilities, which include allowing you to communicate with your creditors in a sPhone App 3ecure virtual environment.

This multi-faceted SettleiTsoft approach creates an atmosphere where you may:

  • Contact your creditors to negotiate better interest rates.  This will help save money.
  • Make arrangements to either pay the debt off and save on the interest, settle accounts for less than what was originally owed, or a combination of the two.
  • Use specialty calculators to help you determine what action plan would be most beneficial financially.
  • Create a Settlement Savings Plan.
  • Utilize “Chat” to communicate with your creditors in real time.
  • Develop a Budget that provides for an Emergency Fund.  Otherwise if an emergency occurs, you may have to borrow and probably face huge interest charges (e.g. cash advance interest usually exceeds 30% annually and Payday Loans often carry an APR over 400%).

And remember:  Don’t use credit for daily essential expenses.  Stay within your means.

It is important to note that millennials (ages 18-34) account for 1/3 of U.S. consumer debt.  Their most common credit accounts are for cell phones, clothing, credit cards, car financing, student loans and personal loans.  Few millennials have home mortgage debt.  Therefore, it is imperative for members of this age group – particularly if they are looking ahead to large purchases in the not too distant future – to make saving money and taking control of their finances a priority now.

SettleiTsoft is designed to help consumers of all ages in many ways – especially those in financial distress.  By replacing the traditional methods of debt settlement with an interactive and transparent debt settlement process, SettleiTsoft gives consumers complete control of negotiations as to the terms of their debt settlDebt Settlement 2ements and creditor payment agreements.

In addition, the system has the capability of validating that the creditor is indeed authorized to collect the debt; thereby eliminating scammers who falsely claim the right to collect the consumer’s debt.

By utilizing SettleiTsoft, debtors are establishing this convenient and seamless electronic means of communication as their preferred negotiation method, which should then stop collection calls from creditors and allow the debt obligation to be amicably resolved.  Since the software is particularly easy to use with step-by-step instructions and topic-specific videos in every section, consumers can quickly become their own super-efficient debt settlement agents and begin restoring their financial peace of mind.

To learn more about this free debt settlement software platform, its convenient financial management tools, and how it may help anyone with monetary problems, visit

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