Floridians in the First Position for Consumer Fraud

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According to the Federal Trade Commission report, Florida is the US state with most reports for fraud. This is a matter that makes most Floridians be in great concern of being victims of scams and other types of fraudulent activities. The FTC reveals that more than $80 million were subtracted from consumers in 2018 in fraud related scams.

Florida is not the only state target by crocks. In the US the figures are about $1.5 billion to fraud for the 2018 — This was a big increment compare to the previous year – close to the 40 percent higher. The FTC is also stating that fraud is the top complaint in 2018. Following fraud, the alarming figures revealed by the FTC report placed the debt collection in the second place.  Most consumers crossing some type of financial distress found their selves facing predatory debt collection practices according to CFPB survey.

The states with the highest per capita rates of reported fraud in 2018 were Florida, Georgia, Nevada,

Delaware, and Maryland. The number of consumer fraud complaints across the board is due to a big increase in government imposter scams, such as IRS collectors.


Be aware of deceptive and fraudulent practices

Most of the scammers impersonate as employees of the IRS or Social Security Administration. So, they tell to their victims that Social Security numbers are being suspended and asked for payment or personal information to “reactivate” accounts. Ingenuous consumers are not aware that Social Security numbers are never suspended, and the Social Security Administration never requires people to obtain one.

The FTC display that closes to 50% of the complaints are related to fraud reports. Most of these reports involve some sort of imposter scam. This fraudulent activity tolled the government more than $480 million, averaging about $500 loss per consumer.


These are some of the fraud categories reported by the FTC

Imposter Scams

Fake Debt Collectors

Predatory Debt Settlement Companies

Telephone and Mobile Services

Business and Job Opportunities

Advance Payments for Credit Services

Fraud is a Big Problem in Florida | Debt Settlement App

Health Care

Shop-at-Home and Catalog Sales

Prizes, Sweepstakes, and Lotteries

Internet Services

Travel, Vacations and Timeshare Plans

Foreign Money Offers

Counterfeit Check Scams

Dating Services and Romance Scams

Fake Relatives in Distress


Harassing Collection Calls

In most cases, once you have become a victim of a scammer, the fraudulent agent will claim that you have missed a payment with a government agency or creditor (i.e. banks, retailers).  The Fraudsters will attempt to convince you to work with them is your best interest, usually up to six months to establish a repayment program. Therefore, failing for these deceptive practices is a recipe for disaster and most likely a financial burden in the victim.  Fortunately, there is a free technology to help all consumers to change the game in their favor.

Some fraudulent companies act very professionally with a courteous approach, while others do not.  They may call you at all hours, at work, and use all kind of intimidation techniques for their nefarious intentions.  In fact, a survey released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) revealed that a stunning 25% of consumers felt threatened when contacted by phone.


SettleiTsoft Technology Helps Consumers Against Fraud & Scammers

By utilizing SettleiTsoft®, Debt Negotiation and Debt Settlement App, debtors are establishing this convenient and seamless electronic means of communication as their preferred negotiation method.

This smart move should then provide a layer of protection against scammers. Therefore, helping to stop debt collection calls Debt Settlement App - SettleiTsoftfrom creditors and allow any debt obligation to be amicably resolved.  The software is easy to use with step-by-step instructions and topic-specific videos in every section. Hence,  enabling consumers to quickly begin restoring their financial peace of mind.

If the debt is legitimate, SettleiTsoft tools can help you calculate and then negotiate an affordable settlement offer. This process typically includes a substantial reduction of the amount you owe, as well as a payment plan.

If it’s a scam or the debt belongs to someone else – a common occurrence – SettleiTsoft should help you save a lot of time, aggravation, and money. Consequently, providing you with all the tools to combat predatory collection practices.

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