Assets and Settling Credit Card Debt


Understanding what constitutes your assets and their relative value is always important as well as how they may affect credit card debt settlements.

SettleiTsoft® may help you settle your debt.  Keep in mind, accurate entry of this crucial asset information is necessary so that the power of SettleiTsoft may assist you in budgeting, financial management, and making settlements offers.

FP Dollar SignMost Common Assets

  • Cash – Any physical currency and coins you have
  • Funds in the Bank – All the money you have in a Savings, Checking, or Money Market Account and any Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Stocks, Bonds (including Savings Bonds), and Mutual Funds
  • Retirement Accounts – including 401(k) funds, IRAs and any other retirement accounts
  • Life Insurance – Counting any cash value you have in the policy
  • Motor Vehicles – The current blue book value of any cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc.
  • Real Estate – The current market value of property (house, condo, land, etc.) you own, even if you have a mortgage
  • Personal Valuables – Including the market value of jewelry, collectibles (from baseball cards to art) and furniture
  • Money You’re Owed – Provided you have a reasonable expectation of being paid back

 Accessing Monetary Value

Just because you own these assets doesn’t mean you’ll be able to access their monetary value today.  Only those things that you can quickly exchange for a good market value, such as cash and other highly liquid assets, are easily accessible.

Although it might take months to turn real estate into its true cash value, use the full market value when calculating your net worth today.  If you’re unsure of what something you own is worth — like an antique — is worth, find a professional appraiser.

Many assets also have associated liabilities.  For example, a home with a mortgage.  The home’s current market value is a potential asset.

inyours30Organizing Your Assets the Smart Way

Properly categorizing your Assets can be made easier by utilizing the free financial management tools available at  This comprehensive Web-based software also helps you organize and store your bills, allows timely payment remittance, and provides cloud storage for the safekeeping of and 24/7 access to copies of your crucial documents.

Entering information about your assets and liabilities to SettleiTsoft will provide a more comprehensive understanding of your current financial status.  Although the System does not require entry of this information to generate settlement offers, the data is crucial for the power of SettleiTsoft to assist you in budgeting and financial management.

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