Specialty Credit Card Often Ideal for College Kids


Specialty credit cards are for consumers with unique needs for their credit use, such as students and business professionals.  These credit card programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of those individuals and help manage their debt.

Student Credit CardStudent credit cards are specifically designed for those enrolled in accredited four-year colleges and universities to help them build a credit history from the ground up.

While preparing for the future is inherent to a secondary education, attention must be paid to the financial side as well.  Typically, students’ experience in handling finances has been limited.  Parents traditionally take on that responsibility; providing funds to their children as needed (“We make it; they spend it!”).

However, many college students do need a credit card, but they generally have little or no credit history, which makes it difficult to get approved for a traditional card.  Compared to consumer credit cards, student credit cards are often scaled back somewhat in terms of rewards, features and other benefits, but they can still be a valuable commodity.

If used wisely, a student can take the first step toward building a solid credit history with this type of credit card. Once financial responsibility is proven, it will be much easier to qualify for reward cards and higher credit lines.

Female ProSpecialty Business Credit Cards also available for owners and executives. 

They have many of the same features as traditional credit cards:  low introductory rates, cash back programs and airline rewards. The difference is these cards come with many additional benefits and perks exclusively for those in the business world.

Some of these bonuses include: Business expenses kept separate from personal expenses; special business rewards and savings; expense management reports; additional cards for employees; and higher credit limits.

Every credit card is a bit different and promotional offers often change, so be sure to thoroughly look over the terms and conditions for each specific card before applying.

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