Internet Garage Sales – Convenient & Profitable


Looking for way to pick up a bit of cash toward a desired purchase or maybe you’ve got debt you need to get rid of?  Then why not raise some funds by taking all those books, CDs, DVDs, and other items lying around your house and selling them on the Internet?

Many people have stuff – which is never looked at or touched –cluttering their homes; collecting dust.  Some folks have garage sales on the weekends to make a little extra money while getting rid of that clutter.  Nowadays it may be easier to use the Internet.

Girl at Desk cartoonBy accessing websites such as,,, and, you can use the time you spend browsing on the web to make some money.  Each website has a different process for signing up and using their site to sell your products, but it may be worth doing a little research to decide which website is right for you.  The site you pick may also have a lot to do with what kind of stuff you have to sell.  For example, sells CDs, DVDs, books, video games, and gadgets, but you wouldn’t sell furniture on their website.

The appeal of selling items on the Internet is – once you put your items online – the site does all the work.  Plus, you do not have to be present while you wait for someone to buy your items. You only have to ship the items once they are sold, but this can be done on your schedule.

Another added benefit is that you can always add other items.  A garage sale is limiting in that you have a set time on a set day into which you must devote your time and effort setting up and being present, while you wait to see if someone is interested in buying something.  Once a garage sale is over, all the remaining items either go back into storage, are given to charity or are thrown out.  An item can remain available on the Internet much longer, which increases the chance that it will be sold.

Having your items on the web also increases the amount of people who will see what you are trying to sell, which can greatly enhance your chances of someone making a purchase.  At a garage sale, the amount of people is determined by your neighborhood and surrounding area.

Internet MacbookThe other difference is that with a garage sale you end up with one lump sum at the end of your day, while online everything is sold individually. Therefore, it may take longer to get the same amount of money you would have received if you carried out a “non-electronic” garage sale.

In short, the idea is to utilize items in your house that you no longer use or need and put them on the Internet where you may be able to make some bucks.  This extra money is a great way to start saving or may help to pay off existing debt or loans.

Using the Internet as a garage sale may not make you rich, but it is always helpful to obtain additional dollars by selling items that you no longer use.  Also, the web is a great option if you do not have a lot of time or do not want to exert the energy required to organize and execute a garage sale together.  So do some research and see if an Internet garage sale would work best for you.

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