Save on Groceries – Even During the Holidays


Whether during the holiday season – when spending increases for just about everyone – or at any time of the year, saving money and keeping debt to a minimum in a time of financial struggle may seem to be an impossible task.

Food is an obvious essential and increasingly costly purchase.  However, with a few slight adjustments, saving may not be as far out of reach as you might expect.

For example, here’s a list of saving tips for grocery shopping.  Not every idea may work for you, but even one change can make a difference when it comes to saving.  The most important part is to choose something you can stick to.

  • Make a list of what you need and only get what is on the list.
  • Do not go to a grocery store when you are hungry; remember “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”.  If you go when you are hungry, you are more than likely going to buy food you do not need.
  • If there is a product on sale, this can be good and bad.  You need to decide if you really use this product.  If you do need it, then you should get it.  But, if you realize you are only buying it because it’s on sale, then it would be better to walk away.Groceries
  • Coupons are a great way to help save money.  You can also use coupons to plan your grocery list; that way you can plan a meal around food that costs you less.
  • Buying in bulk also saves money long term.  While you may be wary of buying three boxes of cereal, if you love cereal then you know it won’t go to waste, and you have saved yourself money.  Also products like toilet paper and paper towels are great to buy in bulk because you know you will always need them.
  • Buy the generic brands of certain products.  Generic brand medication is an especially good idea, because there are laws in place that require the active ingredients to be identical to the medications they are replicating.
  • Check out local farmers’ markets.  They are typically less expensive and they carry fresh produce.
  • When it comes to fruits and vegetables, buy what is in season.  Produce in season is much less expensive than fruits that are out of season due to the limited quantity.
  • If there is a sale on meat, you can always freeze it.  Your freezer is a great way to stock up on sales, especially when it comes to meat, poultry, and seafood.
  • Shop at more than one store.  Different stores have different sales and carry different generic brand products at varying prices.

Groceries are a necessity, which is why it is vital that you find ways to save money. Once you add one or more of these saving tips into your routine, you may be surprised by the amount of money you save.

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