Determine How Many Dollars to Set Aside for Debt Settlement


So, you have decided it’s time to settle your unsecured credit card debt and re-take control of your financial life.  Definitely a good idea.  But before you can open negotiations with your creditors, you must first figure out how much you can put aside in a settlement savings plan.  In the past, this was often a challenge.

Free Budgeting and Debt Negotiation Tools Available Online

Fortunately today you can go online and sign up to use the free budgeting and debt negotiation tools provided by SettleiTsoft®.  The myriad financial services and information found within this intuitive digital software platform is accessible via 24/7.

The Budget-iTsoft section allows you to enter all income, expenses, assets, and liabilities for yourself as well as all members of your household if you wish.  This process will reveal several critical financial matters.  Most importantly, you will discover how much money you are wasting every month (experts indicate this could be 10% to 15%) and the dollar amount remaining after all obligations are met (shelter, food, utilities, etc.).  By eliminating the waste, you will have that much more available to deposit into a settlement savings account; allowing quicker resolution of your debt crisis.

Stop Predatory Collection Practices

Stop Harassing Collection Calls and other Predatory Collection Practices

The Settle-iT section enables you to stop harassing collection calls and other predatory collection practices by inviting your creditors to communicate with you only through the SettleiTsoft system platform.  Negotiation tools permit you to calculate settlement offers to your creditors and create (and update as you add more creditors into the settlement process) a feasible settlement savings plan.  All documentation (e.g. Cease & Desist letters, Invitation to Settle letters, Settlement Agreements) are generated by the system upon your request.  These documents are also automatically stored in the system cloud for easy review and audit trail purposes.

SettleiTsoft provides many additional conveniences which enhance and make your experience in this secure virtual environment that much more user friendly.  The Messages section, for example, is an all-encompassing communication portal.  One of its unique attributes is the “Chat” function.  Operating in a similar messaging manner to Skype, SettleiTsoft Chat allows you Chat with your creditors through the system platform in real time.

Lots of financial assistance and information is available at  Check it out.

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