Free Debt Settlement App & Debt Negotiation Software!

Free Debt Settlement App

Due to Credit Card Debt has reached a crisis point, more consumers crossing financial distress are seeking debt settlement alternatives.  If you’ve maxed out your credit cards and finding yourself deeper in debt. Most likely, you are definitely out of your comfort zone.  In fact, your overwhelming huge credit card balance is driving you crazy.  And you’re wondering:  How am I going to pay down my debt?

Now, imagine a company that promises to reduce your debt for pennies on the dollar.  This sounds like the answer to all your problems, right?  Or at least that’s how you felt when you enrolled in a debt settlement program! Only to find out that upfront fees, cleverly hidden in the sales pitch, are withdrawn from your bank account.

The FTC Steps In Debt Settlement Software

In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, announced new Rules and Regulations to stop this practice and provide other protections for the debtor.  As a result, most debt settlement companies exited the industry. Therefore, leaving all their customer in a deep gray area. Fortunately for all those distressed consumers there are new alternatives available online.

Stop Those Harassing Collection Calls!

SettleiTsoft Inc., a technology development company, is approaching this issue the smart way. Announcing the release of SettleiTsoft – a free Debt Settlement App and Web-based Debt Negotiation System Platform. This powerful software has encapsulated all aspects of the debt negotiation and settlement process in a unique automated and intuitive system platform. Now, debtors and creditors digitally interface and interact, negotiate payment arrangements, and create

settlement agreements for any delinquent debts. Not only unsecured credit card debt, but any kind of debt may be negotiated through SettleiTsoft– in a secure virtual environment. The user is always in control and both parties – debtors and creditors – may choose to accept, reject, or make counter-offers to settlement proposals.

Free Debt Settlement App for your Financial Peace of Mind!

User AcceptanceDebt Settlement App - SettleiTsofte Testing (UAT) of the SettleiTsoft platform started during the four quarter of 2017. Then, the mobile Android app was release for testing on the second quarter of 2018.  Now after great success, the company has announce the full Beta release of the SettleiTsoft platform by the second quarter of 2019. The new version of the software includes a new UX interface and a new design of the Android and iOS mobile Apps.  Meanwhile, slow down, relax and get ready to see how SettleiTsoft may help you stop harassing calls and other predatory collection practices – and get you out of the red without spending any of your green.

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